WAG Goat Horn Dog Chew

Size: Small

Wanna keep your dog occupied for (even) longer? Try a Split Goat Horn – same glorious goodness, with more room to treat by filling in its hollow center.

Goat Horns are the ultimate chew toy: they're the healthy, boredom-busting, long lasting treat choice for dogs that love to chew. It's good news because horns are a dental delight — regular chewing can scrape away tartar build-up from the surface of your dog's teeth by a stellar 70%. And all that goodness is all natural: horns are sourced sustainably and repurposed as single-ingredients dog treats. Rich in keratin proteins and single-ingredient, this treat adds strength and shine to your dog's healthy coat. 

Promotes Dental Health

Keep your dog's smile selfie-ready — regular chewing can help reduce plaque and scrape away tartar build-up.

Sustainable Sourcing

No wasting, Company minimizes waste and reduces the strain already put on natural ecosystems.

Long Lasting Chew

Goat horns are one of the best occupy treats, especially for aggressive chewers, as they work to relieve stress and boredom.

Nutritional Information

Ingredients: 100% Goat Horn

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (Min.) 38.9% - Crude Fat (Min.) 1.2% - Moisture (Max.) 1.8%

Size and Weights:
Small: 40g – 65g                      Medium: 85-115g                     Large: 135-165g

Country of Origin: Australia


How should I store goat horns?

Goat horns can be stored in a resealable bag for freshness or an air-tight container in a cool, dry place.

What size is appropriate for my dog?

Small: For breeds such as Cocker Spaniel, French Bulldog, Jack Russell Terrier, Shih Tzu, Pug, Boston Terrier.

Medium: For breeds such as Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Beagle, Corgi.

Large Chews : For breeds such as Golden Retriever, Samoyed, Pitbull, German Shepherd, Standard Poodle, Labrador Retriever.
If your doggo meets these guidelines, great. But if you're still a bit unsure, a medium size chew is suggested to start with. Any treat that is wider than the width of your doggo’s face is also a safe bet size-wise for your dog to get chewy with.

How should I feed my dog goat horns?

Here's the suggestion: Give them the goat treats for up to 30 minutes a day, supervised and removing any small pieces.

Are goat horns stinky?

Goat Horns are renowned for being a little bit stinky. Whole goat horns tend to be a little less smelly than their split counterparts. Here's the recommendation: clean your Goat Horn in hot water and dry thoroughly after your dog chews it. It’s a great way to starve off bacteria, keeping the Goat Horn fresh and reducing the smell significantly.

Can I give my puppy a goat horn?

Puppies should steer clear from goat horns until they’ve graduated to adult teeth. The tough consistency of goat horns means they might risk breaking the more delicate baby teeth before those teeth are ready to come out naturally.

How are goat horns sourced and made?

These goat horns come from local Victorian sources who farm goats for human consumption. The Company steps in and takes the byproducts left over (namely, goat horns and goat trotters). These horns are especially unique as during the sterilization process , the live membrane inside is removed. While the marrow in a horn is delicious and nutritious, it often requires the complicated addition of preservatives and packaging to keep it fresh.
After that the goat horns are hand-cut and locally packaged in Melbourne using step-by-step techniques. They are kept natural and local.

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