SOS D-500 Odors Floor Cleaner and Pet Odour Neutralizer

Size: 500-ml
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D-500 is a cleaner and an odour neutralizer. This product eliminates odours caused by animals in your indoor and outdoor environment.


  • Cleaner and animal odour neutralizer
  • D-500 eliminates urine odours on floors
  • Eliminates skunk odour inside and outside the house
  • Made in Canada

In addition to eliminating odours, D-500 cleans all surfaces: hardwood or laminate flooring, walls, ceilings, ceramics, counters, kitchen cabinets, capets, cement in animal outdoor cages, etc. This product also eliminates skunk odours outside: lawns, flower, balcony, etc. D-500 is a favourite of dog breeders and cat and dog kennel owners.


D-500 is concentrated and needs to be diluted according to the directions on the label. For the hardwood or laminate flooring, ceramics, linoleum floors, walls or counter, spray diluted solution D-500 on surface and rinse with clean water. D-500 can be used to neutralize odour in a room. Spray this product on a clean, dry cloth and place the cloth and place the cloth in front of a fan. Long-lasting about an hour in the room affected by odour. For the lawn, shrubs, gravel, cement, balconies, spray diluted solution of D-500 on surface affected by urine odour. Do not rinse.

To eliminate skunk odour in your house, clean walls, flooring, cabinets and ceiling with D-500 (see dilutions). Rinse with clean water. To eliminate skunk odour from balcony, lawn or shrubs, spay D-500 (see dilutions) on affected areas, do not rinse.

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