Only One Treats Dried Sardines Dog Treats (90-g bag)



Your furry friend’s favorite treat is right here! This sun-dried sardines Treat is the perfect treat and comes in a unique taste and is highly recommended by trainers and veterinarians. This product is single ingredient and dried using no preservatives because we believe in freshness.

These treats are quickly gaining popularity with the fact that they are low in calories, high in DHA, Omega 3 fatty acids and a great natural source of calcium, Woof!

These treats can be used for training as they are extremely fragrant. These sardines are human grade and are dried naturally, there is no added salt or any other preservative added. Only sardines.

Nutritional Info


Dried Sardines

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein - 64.9%
Crude Fat - 7.1%
Omega 3 - 1.6%
Omega 6 - 3.5%
Moisture - 17.3%
Ash - 11.2%
Crude Fibre - 0.1%
Calories per 100g - 322
Calories per 1.5g of sardine - 4.8

Sodium - 0.11% or 1.7mg of sodium per 1.5g sardine

(AAFCO) recommends that dry dog food contains at least 0.3% sodium, and that dry cat food contains at least 0.2% sodium, for both maintenance and to support normal growth and development.

Feeding Instructions

This product is intended to serve as a treat and not as a meal. Store in a cool dry place and refrigerate after opening.

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